Hydrostatic Test Unit

Product description:

Our hydrostatic test unit is a multi-purpose unit that provides all kinds of rough testing. 400 bar standard higher bars are available as an option.
There are 400 bar manometers with one contact and one glycerine. Pressure is adjusted from the contact manometer and controlled via the glycerine manometer. In addition, the glycerine manometer is calibrated and delivered to the user. Unit operation starts with air 6/8 bar, water and 220 volt electricity connections. Multiple connections can be made optionally. Pressure adjustment from the contact manometer starts with the panic start trigger. Each machine has an emergency stop button and stops the whole machine system instantly. Our machine automatically stops when it reaches the pressure set on the contact manometer. It is the easiest machine in terms of use and maintenance. Operator can use it without any difficulty. The pump is completely brass which is our own production. It never gives a malfunction that will put the user in a difficult situation such as wear or deterioration.

The appearance and working principles of the machines we produce may vary due to positive updates.

Product Information:


VOLTAJ 220 volt
KULLANIM Bütün basınçlı kaplara test işlemi
TEST BASINCI 0-400 bar
KOLİ EBADI 60x50x110cm
BOYA Beyaz ve turuncu pütürlü endüstriyel boya

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