More than years of knowledge and experience.

We are a company operating in the field of fire fighting equipment and devices since 1980. Our Sales / Marketing activity areas consist of the Middle East and Turkish Republics, together with all of Turkey. Our product range, which is listed below, has TSE quality and conformity certificates, ISO and CE certificates, and the Turkish Ministry of Industry Warranty Certificate and Periodic qualification certificates.

What we produce:

  1. Portable fire extinguishers
  2. Fire Hose Reels and Cabinets in accordance with TS-EN 971.1.2
  3. 2” Foam mixing unit and tank
  4. 250/1000 lt Powder and Foam Extinguishers with Trailer.
  5. Vacuum Dry Powder Filling Device
  6. Hydrostatic test unit
  7. Nitrogen Filling Apparatus and Special Tube Vise
  8. Portable Arm Siren
  9. Emergency Exit Rope (Liberator)
  10. Emergency Exit Fire Door

Our company; In addition to these, it sells Fire Hoses, Spray Lances and Records, Fire resistant clothing, breathing devices, Warning and Alarm elements and rescue equipment, which it supplies locally or imported.

We use all kinds of sales and marketing tools to reach our customers: We promote our materials and products by participating in fairs through Catalogue, On-Site Training and Promotion, Local TV and Radio channels.

We prefer to meet face to face in order to find urgent and correct solutions to the needs of our customers. Our company; It has surpassed other companies in providing high quality firefighting products to the Turkish market and responding to the changing needs of our customers with the latest technologies.

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