Fire Extinguishing Device Dry Chemical Powder Discharging Machine

Product description:

It is also used for discharging dry chemical powder fire extinguishers.
2. Does not require electrical connection.
3. It works with air. Air is used to move the main body.
4. It is used by discharging the fire extinguishing device with its own pressure.
5. Thanks to its special filter, it does not leak dust to the used environment.
6. It accumulates the dust into the lower tank without any loss.
7. Thanks to 4 wheels, it can be easily transported to the desired location.

The appearance and working principles of the machines we produce may vary due to positive updates.

Product Information:


KULLANIM Kuru kimyevi tozlu yangın söndürme cihazı boşaltma
AĞIRLIK Yaklaşık 40kg (+/- 10)
KOLİ EBADI 80x100x150cm
BOYA Beyaz ve turuncu endüstriyel boya

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